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You spent a good deal, worked hard for many days and nights and built a great website, but alas! it doesn't get enough visitors. There are millions upon millions of pages of web content out there and your website is totally lost in the shuffle, like the proverbial needle in a haystack. When search engines ignore your site, your site becomes non-existent in the cyber world. The real problem with your website is that it failed to harness the most cost-effective and powerful Internet marketing strategy: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)!

What is SEO?

Search Engine OptimisationSearch Engine Optimisation is the process of making your site appear at the top of search engine results for your domain-specific keywords and phrases. The higher your website ranks in the results of Google, Yahoo, MSN etc., the greater the chance that your site will be visited by many, which in turn would skyrocket your sales.

Simply put, Search Engine Optimisation is about making your website visible on search engines. Its commercial purpose is to be the first to hit a customer base effectively.

SEO types

There 2 kind of Search Engine Optimisation types. On page SEO is process of coding directly on your website (in source code). This is not enough to get good ranking. Off page SEO process is internet activity, but outside of your website (link building, social networking, etc). These two optimisation processes together can give results you need.

How long will SEO take? Are guarantees on your SEO services?

Results usually happen within less than three months, sometimes it's matter of weeks. In some cases we may take longer. In this case we will pause any ongoing payments and resume the charges after you appear in the results the way we set it out in our agreement.

Do I need support after SEO job is done?

Progress GraphOnce you site is up and first SEO is done, we offer you a maitenancing SEO service. This means we will follow your site's statistic (most visited pages, keywords from search engines, direct trafic, reffering sites, location of visitors, screen resolutions of visitors, Browsers and OS of visitors, new visitors vs returning, etc.). Accourding to results we can modify your site to get better and better results. Also we can send automatic monthly or weekly reports in PDF to your email about all resutls.

SEO maitenancing service is very important, besause once you get to TOP10, it will keep you to stay there!

Search Engine Statistic

While there are a large number of search engines in existence on the web, the most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo and Msn, which between them comprise approximately 91% of the search market.

Australia's Most Popular Search Engines
Search Engine Popularity in Australia

Worldwide, these same search engines have similar shares of the search volumes. So when considering Search Marketing activities primary attention should be given to these two dominant engines.

International Search Engine Market Share
International Search Engine Market Share

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